The Distinctive Character of the Village

Step out of the well planned streets, the sky scrapers, massive and impressive landmarks of Manhattan into a neighborhood that is dramatically different. Greenwich Village is definitely a haven of tranquility compared to the noisy concrete urban jungle of Manhattan.

The Village’s curvy narrow roads, most with proper names (compared to the numbered streets in Midtown) and not conforming to the usual grid pattern, are a special treat to walk. Explore the mid-rise apartments and the 19th century row houses. Give your self a break from the hustle and bustle of Midtown in a calmer neighborhood featuring a variety of shops, quaint little streets – simply a culture of diversity.

The Greenwich Village’s residential and commercial areas blend-in in a typical quaint neighborhood style. The streets here are designed with a human scale in mind and feature a relaxing atmosphere. Here small single owner shops out number the big supermarket chains and 19th Century Brownstones are as prominent as the new apartment buildings that have come up in the recent past.

With the self-owned eateries and shops adding funk to the residential areas of brownstones and townhouses, Greenwich Village is what Manhattan looked like way back when. The individuality and uniqueness in each shop, café and house is what sets the Village apart from the other areas of New York and earns itself its distinctive character.

Greenwich Village is also the second oldest Historic District in New York. And it is also home to the Electric Lady Sound Studios and is also home to the famous night club Bon Soir where Barbra Streisand debuted. The Village is also where the original Whitney Museum was established by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney and where the citadel of Hippiedom was created at the Electric Circus by Lou Reed and Andy Warhol.

Greenwich Village not only features a great relaxing atmosphere but it also affords easy access to the rest of New York. This residential area is also home to some of the best hotels in New York and is the ideal place to base one self in to explore New York. Hotels in Greenwich Village New York range from budget to luxury and other lodging options available in the area are self-catering apartments, boutique hotels and simple B&Bs

During the late 19th and mid 20th centuries the Greenwich Village was better known as the ‘Bohemian’ capital and it was also known as the birthplace of the Beat Movement. And compared to the then Manhattan the Village was a highly residential area -home to the upper middle class families.

If you do get an opportunity to explore the Village make sure to walk around New York University and Washington Square – best place to start exploring the Village as it features the most creative circus of live music, skateboard tricks, and other street performances. Being the home to many great artists, writers and musicians of the 20th Century, the resident’s of this area were determined to preserve the Village neighborhood which has resulted in the Village boasting a heap of buildings which have been named historical treasures.